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Immigration Law and Crimes, Winter 2023 ed.

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Written for both immigration and criminal law practitioners, Immigration Law and Crimes provides complete coverage of relevant law including statutory, judicial, and regulatory developments, emerging issues, practical guidance, and tactical considerations. It covers:

        -Categories of criminal convictions having immigration consequences, including crimes of moral turpitude, drug-trafficking crimes, and aggravated felonies

        -Procedure, strategies, and issues involved in the representation of the noncitizen accused

        -Analysis of all aspects of conviction or other formal contact with the criminal justice system

        -Postconviction remedies, including vacations of judgment, expungements, and pardons

        -Implications of criminal convictions for legalization, asylum, voluntary departure, and naturalization

        -Criminal convictions and waivers under the immigration statute

The volume also includes sample pleadings and forms.

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