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Immigration Law and the Family, 2023 ed.

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Speed up family immigration applications with Immigration Law and the Family. This publication:

- Shows you how to fill out key USCIS and DOS forms for each category of family immigrant and forms for immigrant visa applications at U.S. consulates

- Discusses the principle of accompanying or "following to join" family members of immigrants and nonimmigrants

- Helps you document complicated family relationships where birth or marriage certificates are unavailable, or where the USCIS suspects a fraudulent relationship

- Gives detailed descriptions of stepchildren, legitimate and legitimated children, orphans, and adopted children

- Shows the best ways for maintaining priority dates, improving your client's position, or reducing the wait to immigrate

- Explains the role of the DOS and the handling of family-based visa petitions and immigrant visa applications for people who will immigrate from abroad


This title also cites and cross-references to applicable statutes, regulations, USCIS and DOS internal operating procedures, and agency correspondence, cables, and newsletters.

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